Sunday, February 2, 2014

DUBAI--Living like a Sheik


I know I'm supposed to feel guilty. Really, I know it. A good (or not so good) Catholic boy learns at an early age the value of guilt. It's the reason we study at night--" Don't waste a God-given talent." It's the reason we never drink too much--oh, wait, scratch that--the Irish are Catholics. It's the reason we never spend too much on trips around the world--oh, scratch that too.  OK, maybe I don't really feel guilty as much as I feel I should feel guilty. Like we all know we shouldn't watch that reality show about conjoined twins but we can't help ourselves. I mean, really, how do they ride a bike, drive a car, drink too much (Must be Irish twins....)

Anyway, the point I wanted to make is after Burma, we
needed a break from the Third World. Lovely though it is, we are from the good old USA and that means something, doesn't it? Classy--like the Wisconsin Dells. Sophisticated--like NASCAR. Never too gaudy -- Like Las Vegas.  We decided our next stop would be the home of the tallest building in the world, the world's largest mall (with a downhill ski hill), with a floating hotel.... But, in addition to all those man-made thing a  ma doodles, I decided a bit of quiet time was the best thing and so...

We are at the Al Mahan Desert Resort and Spa. Rather than another city, this is the home of Bedouin tribes. The great Sheiks of the Middle East call this spot in the desert their ancient home and one of those Sheiks has preserved it and built 42 "Bedouin Tent" Suites, each with an infinity pool and it's own private view of the desert.  The reserve is home to the White Arabian Oryx. (Ironically, made possible only because the San Diego Zoo was able to breed them successfully for this Sheik in the 1990's and thus save them from extinction.) As well as gazelles--all over the place.
Here by the suite.

All meals are included by a staff of French chefs--lunch desert today .

Each day includes activities such a falconry, archery, camel treks and of course the ever popular to those of us from the USA--4 wheeling in the desert.
In other words, I know I'm supposed to feel guilty, but here I am typing a note next to my own swimming pool that I was in for the morning, headed shortly to the Spa for a Massage and about to share a bottle of fine red wine with my lovely spouse while watching a desert sunset, and I just can't get up the energy to feel guilty. Decadent, Yes, but I wish everyone could have a few moments like this in the short time we are given in this ever so intriguing world.

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  1. No guilt necessary--you worked hard and earned this adventure. Having fun following you.