Wednesday, February 12, 2014



Atlantic/Pacific--Now I know how Columbus was confused.

      One factoid about oceans is that, well, they act like oceans wherever they are. Kinda like we humans, the more we claim to be wildly different, the more we realize we all share common DNA. Which is not say, "Stay home, watch TV--it's so much easier." Watching someone catch a magnificent Musky and catching one yourself--no comparison. Reading a book about a beautiful place and seeing that beautiful place up close and personal--no comparison. Still, though, it is fascinating in this very strange place to see how it so resembles Kauai.
    Here, though, to start, is how it does not--a wonderful dish of perfectly sauté cuttlefish, which I think is octopus, for Supper last night.  We eat at about 10 p.m.--welcome to Spanish culture. Admittedly I am channeling a bit of my Greek heritage by enjoying this marvelous dish.

     Here--the Ocean crashing against the cliffs, as in the Napali coast of Kauai a month ago.

     La Gomera was the last stop of Columbus as he provisioned in 1492 for his voyage to America. They mark every spot he walked (a-la "Lincoln Slept Here"-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABE, today is Feb. 12, your birthday.).  As he traveled West off the edge of the earth he was in search of the Far East, Hawaii, if you will. So as he passed these cliffs little did he know it would not be much different so far to the West.

      The villages here on the island are all in spectacular shape. Tourism and Bananas have both, apparently been good. Agulo is one of those villages and like so many towns founded in the 18th or 19th Century (or before) walking was the mode of transport. So, you can still walk this village overlooking the Atlantic, still see the terraced fields, farmed to this day, in the background and enjoy the marvelous pace.

       But as I said at the outset, folks still shop,

go to school and, of course

play football (ok, it's "soccer"-- not really "football"-- Go Irish!)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your trip around the world with me. Karen sure is a good sport!