Saturday, February 8, 2014

MARKETS in Barcelona--A fascinating difference

Food--Markets--Around the World.

     When all else falls to ruin, we will all still need to eat.  Karen, farm girl that she was, reminds me of this regularly as the stock price goes up and down on the latest company selling things we do not need. One does not grow up in Mendota, Illinois without understanding that most basic truth.
    So too, the buildings of this marvelous city of Barcelona, will someday be no more--like the Roman Walls of the Old City here are only remnants. But, people will still need to eat.
     Yesterday, when we chose to visit La Rambla (the city street of tourist shops and restaurants visited by everyone--cruise boat, tourist, you name it) we stepped aside to an area in an alley where the real market for food is carried-on.  And there we learned that this is indeed close to France, where food preparation is an Olympic Sport. Karen (Jeanblanc) Troupis was in Seventh Heaven examining the meats, fish, cheeses, spices, breads, pastries and all things essential to a great Spanish/French/Anyplace on the Planet meal. 

     We've come a long way on this voyage around the world and have seen markets in every variety. The contrast from Hong Kong street markets and its splendid malls of tomorrow, to the rural markets in Bagan in Myanmar/Burma, to the markets here are a wonder to behold and experience. 

     And then I recall the markets of Amazon--just a few months ago as Colin Campbell and I visited Manaus, Brazil.

      WHAT A MARVELOUS AND EXCITING WORLD WE LIVE IN. The risk of travel is made so very worthwhile by looking at those things that are universal.

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